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Core Problems in Startups

A core Problem in Startups is Closing the show in lesser than 36 months.

Many businesses failed to show growth when they are ready to start scaling up their business. The biggest challenge is to recruit a person with ownership.

Committed to delivering results or Bringing growth with Sustainable Development.

How long He will work or we will keep the key person.

The big question is, are we doing this exercise.??

Most of us are struggling to fill this Gap or find it difficult to manage. 🤔🥵😰😱

This leads to…” ME & MYSELF ” Strategy. How long will we do this….

I remember a dialogue from one of the core & top-ranking dramas the hero says ” I am a Director, producer, Hero, pasting posters & finally I am expecting many people & hope I not only one to watch my own show “…🤣🤣😭😭 all in all…….

Can we take ALL on our shoulders or overload our Calendars to become unhappy and make others suffer.

This results in a lack of focus & fear of losing & Compromising things in our principles and policies. 🙀😿

I am here to help people who are struggling or looking for Support to share their shoulders.👍

Please feel free to contact me with the details at ✍

Happy & love to support by Providing free Consultation. 🤝🙏

Let’s make Sustainable Development & Be Healthy and Happy.

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