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Identify your Niche

Which book has influenced you a lot and why?


Name the person who changed your life?


What is your favorite topic; you frequently talk about every time?


I know you have answers for all questions,


Fine, this time let’s see the question in a different view:


Have you influenced others?


Have you ever changed someone’s life?


How are you going to make people always talk about you?


Probably you may think and recollect your golden days. If not you might have seriously searched for the grounds related to this.


People are always on move to influence others and like to sell something online or offline. The current scenario is very well in support of people to sell their products or service through online  like online coaching, online business, digital marketing, social media marketing, etc


Do more research


It may be from an e-commerce site or business site or online teaching or blogging by affiliate marketing, content marketing, network marketing, Instagram or Facebook social media, Direct marketing, Search Engine marketing like plenty of platforms are there to teach and can learn skills.


There are lakhs and lakhs of online business marketing websites, online coaching or teaching blogs, and traditional marketing, retail marketing, direct consumer selling like B2c business and affiliate opportunities are available. Do you visit at least 10% of the best online business websites in a year?

There are many teaching English courses, Business skills, soft skills, communication and teaching skills, interpersonal skills good leadership quality programs, team working, website marketing and advertisement, technical and non-tech niches are available.

You might have surfed many YouTube videos in a day, but if your look at the next day, you can see many videos are aligned on your home page which is related to your previous day’s video topics or niche.


Similar to that our mind works, your subconscious mind will take you to that subject where you speak often or might have influenced the personality.

There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.

You might have a huge number of friends list in your network. But will you talk to all?


No, you like to talk to people who have the same wavelength

or similar passion and skills etc… right.


Your niche is all about your passion, inquisitiveness, interest, knowledge, skills and attitude to succeed.


You might have to talk about this for many years and the subject might be kept on droning into your ears and pushing you hard to go behind the related topics or activities.


When you are passionate about your niche and keep on working on the same domain. The tireless work and the results motivate you to move forward.


Sometimes the market reflects negative results on your niche.

If you are strong enough to stick to the same niche you can see a tremendous amount of results even when you are in a hard time.


This is because of your Unique Selling Proposition – called USP.


All copycat people on the same niche courses, business, content copy, and coping consulting concept will be disappeared in that wave.


Your first step is to gather all your thoughts and concepts in a list. Next will be to find the problem related to the topic which people are experiencing.


Your job is to identify the targeted segment and address their issues which can be solved by your business model.


Your focus is to design a strategy is to solve their problem immediately by interacting or addressing their issues and hidden problems.


Your knowledge and your experienced skills will help you to frame your core niche business model. This model to be marketed in various social media platforms to promote your business to generate more revenue.


You can stand alone and succeed only if you are unique, creative, a wide spectrum of niche research, using updated tools, and problem-based solutions, based on the market and industry update knowledge and skills.


Finding your niche is easy, but your right niche will make you rich.


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