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They are Happy Bold and Beautiful

They are Happy Bold and Beautiful

People are happy about their business.

When we ask “how is your business?” They proudly answer that it is fine and going good.

If the businessperson is close to you, you may go a little personal and ask “how much are you earning?”

This time too, the answer will be “I am happy with what I am earning.”

It indicates that they have strong mental health.

“Are you making profits?”

It’s a simple question and also it is very sensitive to get a reply.

Possibility to get an honest reply like “soon to get a breakeven point”.

Is it not amazing to see that they are happy with their business results?

Let’s dive deep into it.

Money is not only the factor in business. There are many things like VALUE – SERVICE – TRANSPARENCY – ASSURANCE etc

These values will do a major role in business.

Value no 1: – to become bold and beautiful

HONESTY: Honesty will bring more resources to them and the external environment will test them to the core on how long they keep the value of HONESTY.

Honesty will be tested

Honesty will face a tough time

Honesty may lose its image and increase doubt and conflict

A person with honesty may face all tests but at the end, the person will stand still for a long time at the top of this world.

They rock and they emerge as a reliable leader and people will follow their footsteps and do good to the world.

Value no 2: – to become bold and beautiful

Be HUMBLE to your people.

It is not that they accept and implement all things.

They are humble even at the time of saying NO to people.

They know how to present and avoid negative feedback.

They love to bring people from the bottom to the next level.

They treat people like their family members and know where to put a full stop and coma.

They read people and judge them according to their activities.

But the most important fact is that they love to treat people on how they are treated.

Rubbing them on the wrong side will have adverse side effects and can cause an immediate reaction from people.

But the HONEST and HUMBLE people will move away from the place without any reaction.

Because the world is functioning in three R’s  –  RRR


Honestly, Humbleness will bring boldness to their life because they don’t need to fear for anything. They bare transparency.

They are always supported by a huge network of people. They are Humble,

Honest and it leads to a bold and beautiful success.

Be Honest and Be Humble.

It is the best SELF CARE formula to succeed in life at altimes.

The world is functioning with Three R's with RRR - REACTION, REFLECTION and RESOUND.

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    July 12, 2022 at 9:27 am

    Excellent write up .

    To excel at work you need skill ,talent and should be prepared to learn.

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