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How to write quality SEO content ?

In Content creation process, writing creative and practical content or to write quality SEO content is still an important part to bring life to our valuable quality article.

There’s really no way to get out of writing it unless you just outsource it or have solely generate  content on your site, especially if you want to get Google traffic.

But there are ways to make the process easier, which we are furnishing the details right now, lets learn how to write quality SEO content.

Passionate Quotes

Collections of quotes on particular topics or your niche are one simple way to create content.

You can add little exclusive content to them by writing creative articles related to your niche topic.

For example, if you create a list of great leaders powerful statements for working professionals or entrepreneurs, you can let your readers know your passionate quotes and why you like each one, along with your interpretation of each.  Can add current tend with updated information to your readers.


Summaries are a very popular type of blog post these days.

Readers love them, because they get to discover a lot of information about a single topic in one  sum-ups.

On the other hand content creators like this method because bloggers don’t really have to write a lot of original content themselves other than descriptions of each item they are linking to.

The straightforward process of creating one is something like this:

1. Pick your niche.

2. Find related or in tune with your niche sector of content online that fit the subject or topic.

It could be articles, videos, audio, or images, but ideally they should all be the same type of media.

A good number for most purposes is between 5 and 20 items.

3. Create an article that links to each item, along with a description of each.

Your description of each link is the unique content that will attract search engine traffic and make your article interesting to readers.

Sum-ups. posts do still require quite a bit of work to create, but they don’t require the same level of in-depth research that articles typically do. Because you’re just writing descriptions of other people’s content. This is a great time saver.


Interviews are great content, because you only have to write some questions, and the person you’re interviewing does most of the writing work.
You can interview a person who knows anything about your topic, but ideally if you interview someone who is fairly well known in your industry or your niche. Once the interview is posted on your site, they will tell their own followers about can learn how to write quality SEO content and get you some new or additional visitor to your site to create new traffic.


Re-bogging is taking someone else’s blog post or article and publishing it to your own site—with permission.

 Sometimes the blogger may allow you to post their content, but it leads to a lot of the risk of getting in to “duplicate content” issue.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to get free content written for you, but it’s tricky to find people to do guest posts unless you have a relatively popular website.

Bloggers usually write guest posts when they believe it will bring more traffic to their website.

In this case, you’ll have to convince people that a guest post on your site will create win win situation.

It may be because you do have significant traffic or social media followers, or it might be because your site has a high domain authority or page authority. Just make sure they understand there is value in writing for your site. Wish you all success and have a great BLOG !!          

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