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Relationships to Return on Investment

If you are a strong promoter of your product or any affiliate marketing product it is highly necessary to know your targeted audience.

Sometimes you may be designed to market to specific territory also to gender and age specifications to sell your products.
But how do you sell or how do you market your product

Without your targeted customer’s data, it is very difficult to market the same.

The first and foremost priority is to source your customer’s data like mobile numbers, email ids.  This will help you to find their interest and buying behavior.

On the other hand, it’s known as Building a relationship with your customers. Having a good relationship network in hand and utilizing or converting your data to Business will make you emerge as a great leader.

But many of them are hesitant to talk about their business to their close friendships circle, It may be complex or afraid to lose their relationship.

educating to move forward

But how will we survive without customers or relationships?

Comparison | Negotiation

You will agree with me that right from our childhood we have cultivated to compare ourselves with others. Comparisons may be like School marks, the status of our infrastructures like bike or car.

Wealth creation is the main component to compare with others, Is he or she is rich or how they made money and we criticize their growth.

Let’s come to the point if the product is worth paying some X amount or it is overrated?
Negotiation is a powerful skill that we have learned from our childhood. Comparison and Negotiation are twins. Similar to Finance and Share price.

We negotiate with poor vendors and may not with the rich vendors to impress ourselves. It’s all depending on how you are agreeable to maintain the relationship to close the deal and resell or buy frequently by becoming a permanent customer.

Influence Marketing

Today’s Market trend is to utilize influencers to promote their products to build great trust. This will help the creators to build a big list of prospective customers to market their brand, Which will in turn will increase the companies share price.

Selling the products online and offline are significantly different. People can see or touch and feel the product before they make a decision.
But online sales are completely based on trust and performance of the product or review from the customers. There are many Digital Marketing products are available.

SEOs to build a relationship with the customers before you sell by way of fluting surveys, contests,s or combo offers. But the campaign will vary from territory to territory.
Is that your relationship will bring review or you respect relationships are like an investment to build a strong castle. It’s all in your hand to make a good ROI.

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